Welcome to MushTheDust.com. We are Due South Kennels of Hickory, KY. The Blewett Family own and care for over 20 Siberian Huskies. Jeff Blewett is also the founder of the sensational new event called the Between The Lakes Sled Dog Dash.

Founders of the Between The Lakes Sled Dog Dash

Founders of the Between The Lakes Sled Dog Dash

The Sled Dog Dash is a two-day event held in December near Grand Rivers, KY.

A little about the Blewett Family

What do you get when you mix a fun, loving and intelligent family with a unique hobby? Obsession? Interest? Maybe. I submit that you get a zestful passion for life that reaches far beyond any hobby known to exist.  I have had the pleasure of running dogs with the Blewett family on numerous days. While each day was an adventure … there was never a dull moment and boy did I learn a ton. Thanks for being a great family and awesome cousins.  — Bryan Howell